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The Restaurant
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Entitlement Complex

Any time you make a mistake, or maybe you don't, maybe someone else did or maybe it's just a general complaint or the customer misspoke and as a result things were not perfect, but occasionally you will run into these people that have these entitlement complexes. If you ran out of something or if it took too long they expect to be compensated. This is only really in the hospitality industry.
If a guest orders a baked potato, but you just sold the last one and they need time to cook more they basically expect to eat dessert for free. If I walk into an auto part store and ask for a specific bolt they can get me one, but they have to special order it and it will take a week, shoot in some stores I might even have to pay for the shipping of the part.
No body demands to see a manager when the clothing stores or shoe stores don't have their size. You suck it up and order a pair or you just get a different kind.
If a guest feels they waited too long for their chicken or steak to cook they feel the need to call a manager over and gripe. How many times do you think someone cried about how long a surgery was taking to a doctor? Basically unless you want to make a trip to the doctor's office because of food borne illness let the food cook.
A lot of the problem is that restaurant employees are so concerned with dealing with irate customers they have to approach every situation like a stand off. No one wants to deal with cranky customers. Be a reasonable person and things should work out for you.