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The Restaurant
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Food Can You Remember?

This was an interesting questions asked of me the other day, but my Grandmother asked if I remembered the soup she made on election day. Well, that was about four years ago, so I had to tell her I couldn't quite remember it, but it got my gears turning. What food can I remember? Yeah, lunch yesterday is a no brainer but do I remember the last time I had an exceptional Reuben? When is the last time you had an exceptional meal that the food really stood out? Do you remember the occasion or the event? Was it some place local or was it while on vacation? Food is such a massive part of our lives. We eat three times a day and it's such a significant part of our lives. Food provides the fuel that allows us to take on the challenges of everything else in the day. A pint of ice cream can sooth a bad break up, a chicken pot pie can warm the soul, or a grilled cheese can bring us back to our childhood. I know this blog is predominately about getting a job, but you need to understand why food is so important to really be able to want to get a job and to excel at your job in the restaurant.

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