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The Restaurant
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting a Job in a Restaurant: ServSafe Certificate

This is going to sound like a shameless plug for a company paying me tons of money, but unfortunately for me it is not. I am sending this message out free of charge with no expectation of payment. That being said, the single most impressive thing you can write on your resume (as long as it's true) is that you are ServSafe Sanitation Certified.

ServSafe is a nationally recognized company that teaches safe food handling procedures. They will go over everything, usually in an 8 hour class on Saturday, followed by an exam. Some community colleges offer ServSafe classes if there is a culinary program.

Some of the things you will go over include:
  • Food temperature Danger Zone
  • Ideal conditions for bacteria growth: Food, Acidity, Time, Temperature, Oxygen, Moisture
  • Food borne illnesses, symptoms, and common causes
  • HACCP plans
  • Dishwashing basics
  • Handwashing basics
  • etc. etc.
The class usually costs some money, not a ton, maybe $70. It is well worth it for the educational value. You will definitely get a different response when you hand in an application with ServSafe Certified written on it. It is a must have for any serious hospitalitarian. It's an edge you will have on nearly every single other applicant.

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