The Restaurant

The Restaurant
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Friday, July 10, 2015

General Managers wear many hats & are a hat rack!

General Managers, like myself, are responsible for the day to day operations within the restaurant. Obviously that means the General Manager must know how to perform every function within the restaurant (from busser and dish washer to bartender and grill cook) as well as many, many unseen jobs, to include:
Plumber plunging toilets and repairing the three compartment sink. Leave the gas lines to a professional.
Psychiatrist dealing with and giving advice on everyone's problems and trying to sort out the schedule when employees call in.
Electrician resetting the hood electronics, changing light bulbs and ballasts, new receptacles when one burns up, new wiring, switches, or plugs, changing breakers. Ice machine stops running, oven switch not working, fryer timer stopped beeping.
IT setting up pack monitors, resetting routers, new printer, credit card machine, POS systems stop working, software downloads, security cameras.
Painter parking lines, walls, equipment, ceilings, railings, handicapped zones, cabinets, pretty much anything.
Landscaper pulling weeds, spraying weeds, laying mulch or rock, pulling dead shrubs, planting bushes, flowers, trimming bushes, mowing grass (if you're unlucky enough), power washing, etc.
Detective to sort out where the missing cash is going or the lost inventory.
Interior Designer decorations, advertising, plants, tables, chairs, booths, new equipment, old equipment, registers, table settings, lighting, front of house as well as back of house.
Mason or carpenter to lay floor tile, coving, walk-ins, brick, stone, FRP, dry wall, ceiling tiles, or build walls altogether.
Caterer and Planner to organize, sort, assemble, and execute parties, dinners, lunches and all other kinds of gatherings. People may call and say they have a family reunion or they are bringing food to a wake, there's no telling how much you'll have to do in a week.

The list is never ending. Cab driver to pick people up for shifts or drop them off at the end of the day, weatherman, news anchor, travel guide, mechanic, locksmith, security, singer, etc. Etc.

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