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The Restaurant
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Value Your Employees

Its been a while since my last blog, but true to form I remain steadfast in my employment as a general manager. My duties haven't gone away and the daily struggle is always real. There is always something going on in my restaurant. Our week is filled with the basics: inventory, truck ordering, scheduling, but inevitably corporate will decide that I can be doing just a little bit more. Some times I am asked to travel to other restaurants and act as a consultant to identify problems and make suggestions and apply a little training to the current management team. Some times they ask for more simple things that simply bog my employees down. Customer service surveys, new deployment charts, customer cleaning points, new promotions all the time. Promotions are necessary. They just can't pile new products on top of coupons and the first of the month, and ask us to push new surveys expecting amazing speed of service. It's enough to drive you crazy. I find that treating my employees right is the most important aspect of running my restaurant. They are my key people. They are the ones cooking the food and exchanging the dollars. If corporate is asking too much from me, to ask more from them I make my voice heard. I stand up for my employees. It is important to never forget that hospitality is not only extended to our customers who may be back tomorrow or we may never see again, but also to the guys and girls that come in day in and day out that we depend on. Take care of them first and everything else will fall in line. I hope to find myself writing more. Time is always the limiting factor. It seems like I have a fair number of visitors, but very few followers. What are you interested in reading about?

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